The Liberals Are Revolting

A running joke in the Wizard of Id comic strip was that the peasants were revolting:


Here in Minnesota, the liberals are revolting, as the nationwide rash of anti-police demonstrations came to Minneapolis today. Actually, multiple demonstrations were combined: it began with a group demanding $15 an hour to work at a local Burger King. The Mayor of Minneapolis and a city council member or two showed up to demonstrate solidarity with the protesters. From there, the demonstrators, estimated to number around 150, began a long trek up Highway 35W, the Twin Cities’ main north-south artery, to downtown Minneapolis.

The anti-police demonstrators, shouting slogans relating to Mike Brown and Eric Garner, were escorted all the way by police officers:

After a few speeches on issues ranging from officer-involved shootings to the treatment of transgender people to the 43 students missing in Mexico, the protesters began their march. A few Minneapolis police officers stood by but didn’t intervene. …

State troopers, who had blocked off traffic on the freeway’s northbound lanes, provided an escort at the rear of the demonstration. …

Troopers blocked all of the exit ramps along the protest route, preventing traffic from entering the freeway.

Minneapolis police took a similar tack, standing guard while protesters made their way through downtown, into City Hall and into the lobby of the City Council offices.

The irony apparently was lost on the demonstrators. Here they are blocking the freeway:


The marchers proceeded on to Minneapolis’s City Hall, taking time for a die-in along the way:


Here they are at City Hall:


The demonstrators marched into the area where the city council members’ offices are located, demanding funding for a new Office of Equitable Outcomes. Several of the city council members came out to talk with the leftists:


The funny thing about Minneapolis is, it’s pretty tough to get to the left of our elected officials. The invaders got a respectful hearing from council members who mostly agreed with them, and they got their way on the Office of Equitable Outcomes, which was fully funded by the council later in the day. I am sure that group will do great work producing “equitable outcomes.”

So the police-supervised anti-police demonstration came to a peaceful conclusion.

There were more revolting left-wing developments today, including the Minnesota State High School League’s adoption of a new transgender policy for high school sports. Apparently if your son says he feels like a girl, he now will be able to shower with the girls and compete with them at basketball, tennis and hockey. But it’s late and that revolting development will have to wait until tomorrow.


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