The royal decree explained

On Tuesday President Obama was questioned from the left about his royal decree regularizing millions of illegals by Jorge Ramos in “The Fusion interview.” If you always possessed the authority you now claim, Ramos asks, why the delay in the decree? Why the deportations in the meantime? You could have stopped them, Ramos says.

Obama’s irritation is visible. He begins to say something to the effect of “we’re not going to go there” or “we’re not going to relitigate that” or the like. You can see Obama seeking to exercise his royal prerogative to avoid answering the question, and then you can see him running out the clock with his evasions.

You can see Obama declaring his greatness. You can see Obama instructing Ramos in how to “do a good job.” You can see Obama disclaim the authority “to move the political process around based on the will of one person.”

Obama packs a lot in to these four or so minutes. Quotable quote: “I still have five million people who do not have the ability to get registered…”


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