The Week in Pictures: Cancel The Interview Edition

Okay, so when the Obama Administration says it is seeking a “proportionate” response to the North Korean hack of Sony, we know that is a euphemism for “weak response.”  Wouldn’t want to upset our new friends, the Castros down on Cuba, who we know are tight with the Kims.  Exchange holiday cards and torture tips and all that.  What was the first clue?  When Obama referred to James Franco as “James Flacco.”  Most observers thought he was confusing Franco with the Baltimore Ravens QB, but I think Obama had “flaccid” on his mind, since it describes his response.  Meanwhile, best not take our eyes off the most significant threat to the nation’s future—the Clintons.

Team America copy

Just because.  F— yeah.

Kim Jong Oscars copy

What next year’s Academy Awards telecast will now look like.

Sony Cowards copy Nork Threats Work copy Sony's New Chairman copy Sony's New CEO copy Kim Jogs Twitter copy

North Korea Hollywood copy

Future Interrogations copy ISIL Waterboards copy Ramirez on CIA report copy Big Gov Tow copy Anti-Obama Reindeer copy Obama Cuba copy

Clinton Caption Content copy

Speaking of cigars. . .

More Bill Clinton copy

Dare we even suggest a caption contest for this. . .

No wonder Hillary talks about “empathy” a lot. Oh, wait. . .

Hillary Empathy copy

Warren for Pres copy

Kopechne T shirt copy

Rolling Stone facts copy

Ruble Putin copy Tesla Crap copy More Lerner emails copy Biden Separated copy Santa Obama copy

Turkey Hooker copy

Wait, what?

Wine Tree copy

My kind of Christmas tree.

Head for Sale copy

The perfect stocking stuffer for a liberal.

Santas SUV copy Ackbars Mouse Traps copy Duct Tape copy Will to Power Bar copy Knights of Ni copy Hapy Hunnakah copy Han in Hannuhah copy Red shirt gogerbread copy Christmas copy Guiness copy

Not the Boss copy

And finally. . .

Hot 178 copy