The Week in Pictures: Cromnibus Gruber Torture Edition

This is one of those weeks where the term fratricide fits—too many big stories colliding into one another: the drip-drip torture that is the life of Jonathan Gruber, the drama over the Crominbus spending plan (MUCH more to say about this down the road), the twin meltdowns of Rolling Stone and The New Republic.  And is Al Sharpton still talking?  Sit back and pass the popcorn.

Cromnibus copyObama Gruber copy

Gruber Torture copy

Droves v Torture copy

Inhuman Drones copy

Torture? copy

Messiah to Mess copy Born in the USA copy

Kirk Shcoked copy

Juan Williams copy

And this is why Juan doesn’t work at NPR any more.

Harvard Law students copy Pant Up Don't Loot copy Sharpton Media copy Playoffs copy

New Rights copy

Rolling Stone copy Rolling Stone 2 copy Rolling Stone 3 copy

Democrats copy Hillary Extinct copy

Trust Government copy

Undocumented shopping copy

Obama Turkey pardon copy

Now that's justice.

Now that’s justice.

One good thing about the post-Bloomberg era in NYC

One good thing about the post-Bloomberg era in NYC

Texas Snowmen copy

Armned Car copy


Uber deer copy Bus Drinking copy Cat Lady Action Figure copy Go Home copy Vegans v Cyclists copy Biker Bar copy

Menosaurus Rex? copy

Menosaurus rex?

Wait, what?:Jaeger-Meister copy

And finally, with a slight change up. . .

Hot Hunk copy


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