The Week in Pictures: Encore Edition

Well, since a duly shamed Sony decided to release ‘The Interview” after all, we might as well do an encore beat down on North Korea, Obama (well okay, so every week is an encore of that), Al Sharpton, the mess in Washington, etc.  I’m still wondering if Seth Rogen and James Flacco Franco were the real hackers, and this was just a publicity stunt to rescue what looked to be a very weak, career-retarding movie.  Like New Coke, or Windows 8.

Che Obama copy

Coal Privilege copy

Top Un copy

North Korean Navy copy Sony Producers copy Red Dawn Redux copy J Wayne Objects copy Jabba Objects copy Empire Objects copy

Shapton the Hutt copy

Hillary Sharpton copy

Never forget.

Pied Dividers copy Unborn Black Lives copy

Pround to be White copy DeBlasio v Cops copy

Jeb Exoloring copy Shaved Bear copy Putin Belly copy

Santa Claus copy

Grinch copy Frankinnocence copy

Political Scientist Shirt copy

There Eggs Benedict on Hubcaps copy Karaoke Pain copy

Wash a Cat copy

Darth Cohen?

Darth Cohen?

Kirk Spock Christmas copy

This is just wrong.

Fake Snowwoman copy

And finally. . .

Hot 176 copy


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