The Week in Pictures: Old Republic Edition

Major breaking news announcement from Power Line: We have been acquired by Chris Hughes.  (Motto: “All the Hughes that’s fit to print”?)  We’re all being fired and replaced by a bunch of cyber-primates, and the site will move to Paramus, New Jersey.  Okay—just kidding, but I really can’t get over the spectacle of the self-destruction of The New Republic, which I think is significant far beyond the details of young’un Chris Hughes thinking it is a nifty idea to wreck this venerable magazine.  I’m tempted to say that Hughes is to opinion journalism what George Lucas is to the Star Wars prequels (a sub-theme here this week, by the way).  But I think it may be worse that that: it is symptomatic of a wider problem on the Left, presaging the collapse of the Hillary candidacy (you might have missed the air audibly leaking from her balloon this week) and perhaps of Progressivism itself.

And don’t forget that we’ve reached the “fake, but accurate” stage of the UVA rape story.  Stay tuned: the election last month may be just the beginning of the ruin of liberalism in the next few years.

Hillary Macarena copy Hillary Evolution copy

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

Say goodbye to Miss Piggy today, too:

Piggy Landreiu copy

Sharpton Gas Can copy Racist Snow copy Amnesty copy

Grinch copy Debt2 copy Divide copy A Carter copy Detroit Before Liberalism copy

Time for someone to start "Regressive Insurance"?

Time for someone to start “Regressive Insurance”?

Donuts copy Batman copy

Playing Outside copy Xmas Future Perfect copy

Bacon Atoms copy

Deleted scene of the Alderran pot bust.

Deleted scene of the Alderran pot bust.

Falcon copy Star Wars Meth copy Vader Office copy Trek v Wars copy

And finally, from the archives. . .

Hot Welch 7 copy