The Year in Pictures: Best Of Edition

Since just about everybody else runs a collection of year-in-review pics, it seems to me that we might as well do a “best of” offering of our Week in Pictures roundups.  Actually it’s hard to conjure up an objective criterion, so we just selected one image from each week of the past year, not quite at random.  So here goes: Power Line’s jaundiced eye on 2014, in no particular order—happy new year, everybody.



7 Lerner Phony Scandals copy Airport Logic copy Brezhnev copy Christopher copy Clinton Marriage copy Clintons in Iowa copy Coal Cars copy Cold War Reenactors copy Communist Monopoly copy Dear Wine copy DeBlasio Schools copy Donuts copy Elaborate ruse copy Flossing Hitler copy Gaza v Israel copy Gore Melting Ice copy Gruber copy Hashtag Diplomacy copy Health Tax copy Hillary Brokeahautus copy Hillary Clean Up copy Hillary Evolution copy Hillary Extinct copy Hillary House of Cards copy Hillary-Dr. Evil copy Hogan's Heroes copy

Kopechne T shirt copy Liberal Double standard copy Liberal Whine Cellar copy Liberalism Cure copy Libertarian copy Multiculturalism copy Obama for Dummies copy Obama Trash Talk copy Obama v Burger King copy Obama Voters Anonymous copy Obama Voters copy Obama's national securuty copy Obamacare Miracle copy Obamacare premums copy Order More Wine copy Piers Morgan Cancelled copy Progressive Free Speech copy Reagan Bush Obama copy Reagan v Obama copy Rick Roll copy Rock Paper Gun copy Rolling Stone 2 copy Romny Was Right copy Settled Science copy Sinking Obamacare Ship copy Soy Milk Spongebob Economics copy Stool Sample copy Vote Odin copy Warming Benefit copy Whoop Ass Acan copyAnd finally—it was hard to select only one of our armed lasses, but since we aren’t the Miss USA Pageant, we can offer up several finalists for the honor, and readers can vote:

Hot Welch 7 copy Hot 204 copy Hot 148 copy Hot 107 copy Hot 104 copy Hot 88 copy Hot 87 copy

Western_Stana Hot 31 copy



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