There’s something about Louie: Billy Graham and after

Gary Schneeberger of Grace Hill Media (a marketing firm established to reach “religious America”) has sent us the message and accompanying video below. Although it is a form message, it follows up where I left off in “There’s something about Louie.” Here is the message:

By now you may have heard that UNBROKEN, the inspirational true-life story of war hero Louis Zamperini, blew away all industry estimates at the box office over the Christmas weekend, earning an astounding $47.3 million. That’s a performance good enough for No. 3 all-time among Christmas weekend releases!

As you know, the movie tells the powerful story of Zamperini’s grit and determination, overcoming a wayward youth to find stardom as an Olympic runner, then summoning the fortitude during World War II to survive 47 days adrift in a life raft after his plane was shot down, only to be captured by the enemy and subjected to two years of unspeakable torture. But the most remarkable part of Louie’s story is that, after all he endured at the hands of his Japanese captors, he was later able to forgive them!

UNBROKEN hits the high points of Louie’s journey to forgiveness [Ed.: this is poetic license at best], but now Universal Pictures, the studio behind the film, has released a moving video feature documenting it in detail: how Louie’s life spiraled out of control when he came back to the U.S. – and how all that changed for the better after he attended a Billy Graham revival meeting in 1949 and surrendered his life to the Lord. The story is told by Louie’s two children, Luke and Cynthia, as well as by author Laura Hillenbrand, who wrote the best-selling book on which UNBROKEN is based.

The video — “Unbroken: The power of forgiveness” — is below. I’m partial more to judgment than forgiveness, but forgiveness worked for Louie. Coming in at 6:55, the video leaves one wanting more. More is on offer in Laura Hillenbrand’s excellent book.


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