Those “Unacceptable” Israelis

In furtherance of a completely different point, Foreign Policy performed a simple experiment: it used the search engine on the State Department’s web site to determine how often State has described any nation’s conduct as “unacceptable” since the onset of the Obama administration. The results were interesting and, I suppose, sadly predictable:

using the State Department search engine, the top 10 countries for whom “unacceptable” was most often used in conjunction with since the start of the Obama administration: Syria (147), Iran (118), North Korea (115), Israel (87), Pakistan (83), Russia (78), Egypt (77), China (74), Afghanistan (66), and Iraq (63).

But of course! A list that includes 1) America’s bitterest enemies and strategic rivals (Iran, North Korea, Russia, China), 2) the world’s most troubled countries (Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq), and 3) Israel. Which of these things is not like the others?

Speaking of “unacceptable,” don’t miss Scott’s post immediately below.


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