Who tortured what? Let’s go to the tape

The Washington Free Beacon has compiled a set of videos commenting on the torture report issued yesterday by the Democrats on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. I want to set this up with the clip below from the Media Research Center. In the clip, NBC news anchor Brian Williams asks former CIA Director Michael Hayden “How are we better than our enemies?” (and more). What a ponderous fool Brian Williams is.

Former CIA Director Michael Morrell characterizes the report as deeply flawed in response to questions posed by Charlie Rose in the video below.

At a forum convened by Politico, incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell McConnell holds that the report “served absolutely no purpose” beside getting off a parting shot at George W. Bush. I can think of a few other points served by the report, none of them good, but let’s hear McConnell out.

Finally, in response to questions posed by Charlie Rose, former CIA Director of the National Clandestine Service explains that enhanced interrogation program saved lives

Rodriguez has more here from Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show last night. Quotable quote:”I think it’s a very dark day for the CIA. I think the CIA’s been thrown under the bus.”


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