A Footnote to the Scalise Story and Liberal Double Standards

As John notes below, the Steve Scalise “scandal” is collapsing faster than a Rolling Stone campus rape feature or the Chicago Cubs in a September pennant race, noting also the lack of symmetrical outrage over people like Obama sitting through Rev. Wright’s sermons, etc.

The all-time low for unaccountable Democrats has to be the parade of Democratic politicians who made nice with People’s Temple suicide cultist Jim Jones (though maybe it isn’t such a stretch since liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide).  Below is Jerry Brown, who when governor for the first time in the 1970s was not only photographed with Jones but offered public praise.   Assembly Speaker Willie Brown compared Jones to “Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein and Chairman Mao.”  (The Chairman Mao part is accurate.)

Brown Jones copy

Newsbusters offers a more complete summary:

That same year Senator Walter Mondale, later elected vice president, invited Jones to meet with him on his campaign plane.  The People’s Temple chief also had a personal meeting with Jimmy Carter’s wife, Rosalynn.

 When Jones moved his operation to Guyana, he brought with him written accolades from liberal Democrats.

Wrote Walter Mondale: “Knowing of your congregation’s deep involvement in the major social and constitutional issues of our country is a great inspiration to me.”

Alaska Senator Mike Gravel thought the People’s Temple “was almost too good to be true.”  California Congressman Don Edwards expressed the wish that “there were more like the people of the People’s Temple Christian Church.”

Joseph Califano, an official in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and secretary of health, education and welfare for Jimmy Carter wrote Jones: “Knowing your commitment and compassion, your interest in protecting individual liberty and freedom have made an outstanding contribution to furthering the cause of human dignity.”

Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey said that Jones’ work “is testimony to the positive and truly Christian approach to dealing with the myriad problems confronting our society today.”

As we and others have long noted, if liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.


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