A random thought from Thomas Sowell

In his most recent column of random thoughts — all of them worthy of your consideration — Thomas Sowell offers this one:

Hillary Clinton’s idea that we have to see the world from our adversaries’ point of view — and even “empathize” with it — is not new. Back in 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain said, “I have realized vividly how Herr Hitler feels.” Ronald Reagan, however, made sure our adversaries understood how we felt. Reagan’s approach turned out a lot better than Chamberlain’s.

(The Chamberlain speech from which Sowell quotes is Chamberlain’s radio broadcast of September 27, 1938, the text of which is posted online here.)

Let me just add this: Sowell’s random thoughts are superior to the considered worldview of the likes of President Obama, his colleagues and his friends in the media and elsewhere.


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