Barack Obama, Wit?

Pretty much the only thing that anyone remembers 48 hours after President Obama’s State of the Union speech is his observation that he won two presidential campaigns. In Democratic circles, this is considered a “zinger.” Last night in the gym, I saw this image on a TV set tuned to MSNBC:

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 6.16.51 PM

And here is the segment: four minutes on Obama’s “epic put-down.”

Seriously–this is what passes for wit in the Democratic Party? Evidently it was the cleverest thing Obama has ever said. This morning I got an email from the Democrats offering to sell me car magnets displaying Obama’s most memorable line:


It’s not “tear down this wall,” but if you’re a Democrat, I guess it will have to do. It is one more small sign of the pettiness to which political discourse has sunk, particularly on the left.


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