Breaking News: Terrorists Dead, Hostages Freed [More Updates: Hostages Reportedly Killed]

French police reportedly launched simultaneous raids on the Charlie Hebdo terrorists at their hideout in Dammartin-en-Goele and on the kosher grocery store in Paris where a third terrorist has been holding hostages. Preliminary reports are that all three terrorists are dead, and all hostages have been freed. This seems to be confirmed as to the Kouachi brothers, less certain as to Amedy Coulibaly and the grocery store hostages. Great news if true; bear in mind that early news reports are frequently wrong.

UPDATE: This Sky News photo shows hostages being led away from the kosher grocery store; however, I still haven’t seen a firm report that all hostages are safe:


FURTHER UPDATE: This is the moment when police stormed the grocery store:


The French ambassador to the U.S. says on Twitter that all hostages are safe.

MORE: Not surprisingly, the first reports seem to have been too optimistic. It is now being reported that “at least four” of the grocery hostages have been killed, and several more critically injured.