Calling All Students

With so many universities being either leftist swamps, or, with their crucial departments such as history, philosophy, and political science being mindlessly boring, serious students now must look outside the universities to complete their education. If you’re especially perceptive and disciplined, you can read good books on your own. This was Churchill’s method, as described in the chapter “My Education at Bangalore” in My Early Life. But it is not an easy path.

Fortunately there is an embarrassment of riches for good students today outside the university. First, check out the summer student fellowships of the Hertog Foundation. They have programs for both advanced undergraduates and graduate students alike, in political studies, economic policy studies, and war studies. Their advanced institutes, on topics ranging from the ethics of war to Abraham Lincoln, are also open to young professionals as well as students. The application deadline for most of these programs is February 9.

Also you should note the student programs of the Claremont Institute, publisher of the Claremont Review of Books. These include the Publius Fellows Program, for graduate students and advanced undergraduates; the Lincoln Fellows Program, for political professionals; and the John Marshall Fellowships, for law students. You can read about all three of these fellowship programs here.

I wish these programs had been around when I was an undergraduate.