Chewing Their CUDS

Of all the serial derangements of the left, the one that is most out of proportion is the fanaticism about the Citizens United decision.  I call it “Citizens United Derangement Syndrome,” or CUDS.  This week as you know we saw the nearly unprecedented disruption of the Supreme Court by a handful of losers protesting Citizens United.  I’m betting not a one of them has actually read the opinion, or indeed any of the body of law that has grown up around the subject over the last several decades.

Orin Kerr of George Washington University Law School, one of Eugene Volokh’s merry pranksters on the Volokh Conspiracy (now housed at the Washington Post) offers up some legally accurate helpful protest slogans for the CUDS-chewers.  These are my favorites:

“What do we want? Austin v. Michigan Chamber of Commerce. When do we want it? Now!”

“No prohibition on corporate independent expenditures, no peace!”

“Hey, hey, AMK, how many disclosure requirements did you leave still today?”

Heh.  The CUDS-chewers are even bigger losers than the climatistas.