Civil War on the Left, Part 13

It was barely more than a week ago that I advised everyone to get a new popcorn machine for the identity politics infighting that is going to take place among Democrats in the California primary to replace Babs “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Boxer next year.  Just to remind you, I said:

There’s lots of talk in the media about how Jerry Brown and our two old ladies in the Senate have obstructed the upward political mobility of so many striving Democrats in the next generation, most of them members of sainted minority groups. Expect as this gets going for the organized minority groups to insist that it is their turn to have the Senate seat (because diversity). And so we’re going to see the infighting inside the entitled Left turn vicious before it is over. Start the popcorn machine!

Well, check out the National Journal, which says Democrats are already having a problem with Hispanic expectations:

But if Democrats are serious about turning the growing Latino vote into a more reliable voting bloc, it will need to start in California. And if Democratic leaders push Villaraigosa aside, it would be another example of a party that delivers rhetorically for Hispanic voters, but fails to come through when it comes to putting one in higher office. The party’s inability to nominate a Hispanic candidate for one of its top positions is a glaring oversight in a state where Latino influence is most prominent. Villaraigosa, more than most other statewide candidates, has the unique ability to mobilize Latino voters—especially in a presidential year when Hispanic turnout will be front-and-center on Hillary Clinton’s mind. To coronate another candidate would not just be a blow to one of the party’s most prominent Hispanic leaders, but to the larger Democratic effort of locking in long-term Latino support.  (Emphasis added.)

You’ll want to order extra butter for your popcorn.


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