Did Ted Turner Have CNN Keep an End-of-the-World Video?

I was ten years ago that I spent an evening with Ted Turner up at his enormo buffalo ranch outside Bozeman, Montana—a tale I recalled on NoLeftTurns. In a sentence, Turner is as big a barking loon as you’d expect, but he is funny as hell and hard not to like in the ordinary way. He’s also dedicated to the idea that humanity has less than 50 years to go. Make that 40, now that a decade has passed since I heard him declare that the End is Near.

Did he also have CNN have handy a tape to play in case the world did come to an end? That’s the claim of a former CNN intern, who has posted the clip below of the U.S. Army band playing “Nearer My God to Thee,” which was famously played on the Titanic. According to one version of the story, “the video clip is marked, in bright red letters, with an HFR – “hold for release” – warning: “HFR till end of the world confirmed.”

I’d give Turner a Green Weenie, but he probably owns the manufacturing company that makes them.  I only have one more question: did Al Gore have a similar end-of-the-world tape in the can when he still ran CurrentTV?


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