For Your Viewing Pleasure

We have a link posted in our “Picks” section above to the first installment of Harvey Mansfield on the character of our two political parties in the indispensable City Journal, and I do advise you to read it.  But you can also take it in by video, in the latest “Conversations with Bill Kristol,” just out this morning.  The whole conversation is nearly 90 minutes, but Mansfield’s reflections on the parties come right at the beginning.  But you’ll be tempted to stick around for the whole thing I bet.

And the third installment of Pity Partier Bill Voegeli on “The American Mind,” this time discussing “The Secrets of the Liberal Agenda” is now up.  Now I know what you’re thinking: what could possibly be secret about the liberal agenda?  Liberals are as secretive about what they want as the New York Times is in keeping national security secrets off the front page.  Well you’ll just have to watch this short installment to find out!


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