Hopeless Hillary?

Hillary Clinton is the most overrated front-runner since Edmund Muskie in 1972, and like Muskie is probably just one big blunder from total collapse. The Wall Street Journal reports unsurprisingly today that “Iowa Democratic leaders say they are troubled by the prospect that Hillary Clinton could win the state’s 2016 presidential caucuses without a serious challenge, a view primarily rooted in a desire for a more liberal candidate or at least a robust debate about the party’s policies and direction.”


“My heart wouldn’t be in it for Hillary to the extent that it might be if it was a different candidate,” said Jennifer Herrington, chair of the Page County Democrats in southwest Iowa. “I admire Hillary, she’d be a great president, but you know, she isn’t my first choice I guess.”

This reminds me of a number of conversations I had with liberal friends back around 2005 and 2006, where they all said, “Yeaaaah, we like Hillary fine, but think someone else would be better.” Cue Barack Obama.

Then there’s this from Politico today:

Conservatives do have one thing to be thankful for: The fact is that Hillary Clinton learned so many lessons from her surprising 2008 defeat that she’s repeating each of them all over again. Once more she is running as the overconfident, inevitable nominee with safe speeches filled with mush and a bloated campaign staff that already is leaking against each other in the press.

I’d give 2 – 1 odds that Elizabeth Warren ends up running. Pay no attention to what she says right now.


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