John McCain Speaks For Me On CodePink

This morning the Senate Armed Services Committee conducted a hearing at which Henry Kissinger was a witness. When Kissinger entered the committee chamber, a ragtag group of ten or so CodePink members stood up, holding signs and chanting “Arrest Henry Kissinger for war crimes.” One of them dangled a pair of handcuffs. The demonstrators were virtually standing over Kissinger, as for some reason the Capitol Police were absent or were slow to act.

John McCain was presiding over the hearing. When the disturbance died down, he let the CodePink miscreants have it with both barrels. “Low-life scum” is, in my view, a fair assessment of their character:

This persecution of Kissinger has been going on for decades. It has something to do with Vietnam, apparently. Quite a few years ago, Kissinger spoke at the Annual Dinner of the Center of the American Experiment here in Minneapolis. I was astonished, even then, to see a little group of “war crimes” protesters show up in front of the venue. How long can these leftists continue to hate? Forever, seemingly.

On this one, John McCain deserves the thanks of civilized people everywhere. Well done, Senator McCain!


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