Looking for a Summer Vacation Idea?

The Crystal Symphony

The Crystal Symphony (If you squint, you can see me out on the bow.)

How about a Baltic cruise with Jonah Goldberg, Amity Shlaes, Arthur Laffer, Charles Kesler, and  . . . me?  Yup, that’s right: my pals at the Pacific Research Institute have organized their first ever “Liberty-at-Sea Cruise,” sailing from Copenhagen to Helsinki and St. Petersburg from August 16-23, and I’ll be on board for the whole thing.  You can find out all about it here (including the rest of the speakers), or download the PDF brochure.  (There’s going to be a day side-trip to Berlin and the site of the Wall, where I promise to do a custom sack-dance on the grave of the Evil Empire.)  Our ship, the Crystal Symphony, is very very comfy.

I was just on the phone today with Amity Shlaes hatching a plot for a late night “impromptu” debate in the bar about a secret topic that will be fun, and Jonah Goldberg will moderate (though he doesn’t know this yet).  Love to see a host of Power Liners on an ocean liner.


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