Midweek in Pictures: Special Paris Mis-Match Edition

Can’t wait until Saturday to share all of the memes piling up about Obama’s egregious decision to skip the largest political gathering in Western Europe since World War II.  I recall being in Europe in December 2008, shortly after Obama’s election, and just about every European I met was giddy over Obama.  I wonder what they think of him now.  Have they figured out that he’s just not that into Europe?  As John mentioned, Byron York has given one theory of why Obama deliberately chose to ignore Paris, while Lee Smith at the Tablet offers a more provocative thesis.  One of our memes below suggests an even simpler answer: Michelle wouldn’t let him go!

Empty Chair in Paris copy

Eastwood in Paris copy

Where is Obama? copy Obama Gold in Paris copy Obama's Real Excuse copy

And just where the heck is Sharpton's right hand?

And just where the heck is Sharpton’s right hand?

Paris RSVP copy Liberte Egaite Apathe copy

Obama Too Busy copy Le suit cvhickenshit copy

Kerry Charlie copyAnd finally, in a one-time departure from our normal Saturday format:

Next Charlie Cover copy