Sen. Cotton to serve on intelligence committee

In my post last night listing Tom Cotton’s committee assignments, I failed to include the Select Committee on Intelligence. Arguably, this is the Senator’s must important assignment.

We live in a time when defense budgets are being slashed and the U.S. president is largely unwilling to put American boots on the ground, even to fight bloody thirsty terrorists with designs on attacking America.

In this environment, our intelligence professionals are being leaned on more than ever. Some of them have been in the fight for 13 years.

Their sacrifices are unique in our nation’s history. Yet, they have not received proper support from our government. Indeed, I would argue that under President Obama and his fellow Democrats they have been under siege. Diane Feinstein’s hit-job “torture” report is just one example, albeit a glaring one.

Proper oversight of our intelligence agencies is always important. But in the current climate, making sure that our intelligence professionals and have the support and the resources they need becomes all the more critical.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence will be under a new chairman, Devin Nunes. He is untested in this role.

On the Senate side, the more experienced Richard Burr now chairs the Intelligence Committee. The burden will likely fall on his committee to provide strong, mature oversight.

We are very fortunate that Tom Cotton has taken on part of that burden.


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