Sharpton vs. the Teleprompter, vol. 4

The Free Beacon’s David Rutz has kept his eye on Al Sharton’s travails with the Teleprompter on his MSNBC show PoliticsNation. Having compiled volume 4 of his video series on Sharpton, Rutz notes: “In this latest installment, Sharpton wrecks the names of such people as Ebola patient Nina Pham, quarterback Troy Aikman and actor Ray Romano, of animals like koalas (kola-cue?), and of general terms like waterboarding (waterboating), manhunts (manhoods), YouTube (UseTube) and asphyxia (asphema). And as one guest reminded him, the fatal Canadian Parliament shootings last year occurred in Ottawa, not Iowa, which is in the United States.”

There is nothing remotely funny about Al Sharpton, but he and MSNBC are fit subjects of mockery. I wouldn’t want you to miss Rutz’s latest contribution to the cause (video below).


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