SOTU: You’re excused

Bill Kristol writes in his weekly email message to readers:

Many of you have asked whether, as conscientious citizens, you have to watch President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday. The answer is no. In fact, you have my complete and unambiguous permission to skip it. You might want to tune in after the speech for Joni Ernst’s GOP response–if she does well maybe we’ll include her in the next [Republican presidential primary] poll.

Encouraging us to elevate our eyes, Bill adds this:

And if you want to be reminded of what a speech can be, here’s a link to the conclusion of Churchill’s great June 18, 1940 address to the House of Commons, which you can listen to in honor of the 50th anniversary of his death later this week. The clip is only two minutes, but more worth listening to than Obama’s sixty-plus minutes.

In case the conclusion Bill links to whets your appetite for more, as it does mine, the complete text of the speech is posted here. A recording of almost the entire speech (30 minutes) is posted here.


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