The crazy revisited

John included the video of Jimmy Carter below in in his post “The good, the bad and the crazy.” John filed it under “the crazy.” I would go a little further; I think it qualifies as sick, bad and crazy all by itself. I want to add a comment by way of a footnote to John’s post.

The interviewer is Marc Lamont Hill. If he does say so himself, “Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is one of the leading intellectual voices in the country.” He is the host of HuffPost Live and BET News, as well as a political contributor for CNN. He is also Distinguished Professor of African American Studies at Morehouse College. Prior to that, he held positions at Columbia University and Temple University.

As you might infer from his self-promotion, he is a hustler of the first degree. Hill can talk faster than I can think. He can even talk faster than he can think.

Hill has traced the path from race hustling in the good ol’ USA to the left-wing anti-Israel shtick in “Palestine.” Hill was among the Ferguson “anti-police brutality protesters” to take a a historic “solidarity trip” to “Palestine,” as the promoters recently put it. It’s difficult to discern what was “historic” about the trip. The traveling band looks mighty surly, but there’s nothing historic about that.

The promoters described the trip about as you might expect: “The 10-day trip to the occupied Palestinian Territories, specifically in the West Bank, was organized to show a link between oppression emanating from the Israeli State as well as that which victims of police brutality are experiencing in America.” Perhaps the historic nature of the trip resides in its historic stupidity.

In the excerpt of Hill’s interview of Jimmy Carter, Hill and Carter share a laugh over the predicament of French Jewry. The predicament receives serious journalistic treatment in the Wall Street Journal article “French Jews face hate they left Africa to escape” (behind the Journal’s subscription paywall but accessible via Google here).

Hill and Carter, however, chortle over the choice presented to French Jewry seeking shelter from Arab/Muslim terrorism. Paris or Israel? Carter’s cackle and Hill’s laughter betray an ancient sickness. In Carter’s case, this is old news, but I don’t think we’ve ever been provided such a vivid demonstration of Carter’s animus before.

Video via Washington Free Beacon.

STEVE adds: Heard a great Carter joke the other day.  Someone says to Carter: “You’re going to die on a Jewish holiday.”  Carter asks: Which one (or what date)?  Answer: Doesn’t matter: whatever day you die on will be a Jewish holiday.

Sounds about right.