The Power Line Show, Episode 8: Exploring Contemporary Conservative Political Philosophy

This afternoon we recorded an extraordinary edition of the Power Line Show: Steve Hayward and Scott Johnson talking about two of the towering conservative intellects of their generation, Harry Jaffa and Walter Berns, life-long allies and antagonists HouseDivided04who died on the same day earlier this month. Steve studied under Jaffa (who was a pupil of Leo Strauss) and later was a colleague of Berns; Scott is a long-time student of both men, especially Jaffa, whose Crisis of the House Divided changed Scott’s life. I was on hand to ask the sorts of questions our listeners would have asked, if they had the chance. Among many other things, if you want to know whether the Declaration of Independence is still important, and why the Lincoln-Douglas debates could still be held today, this podcast is for you. It is one of my favorites, although it is just a half hour long. Don’t miss it!

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