The Week in Pictures: Arms Are For Hugging Edition

No sooner does Les Gelb say the Obama Administration is incompetent at foreign policy than the Obama Administration goes out to prove Gelb right in spectacular fashion.  If you’d pitched The Onion the scenario of John Kerry going to Paris to offer France “a big hug,” and be serenaded by James Taylor, they would have thrown you out for being too ridiculous even for them.  It’s enough to make Joe Biden tear out his hair plugs.  But at least I’m no longer confusing John Kerry with Big Bird.  He’s Barney the Dinosaur.

Keyy Hug copy

(Caption contest time!)

(Caption contest time!)

THIS is more like it.

THIS is more like it.

Steyer strip copy Looney Left copy NYT Cartoons copy Reid's Addicition copy Liberal Crap copy Hillary on Inequality copy Free College copy Holder Sloth copy

Kdrry Easter I copy Gitmo Vegans copy PC media bails copy Words to Ruin a Date copy Muham Mad copy White House Funeral Policy copy Toonophobia copy Obama Chicken 2 copy

Fudd vs Mohammed copy CoExist copy

The Virgins copy

Lesbian Guy copy

Kevin Bacon dies? copy Saltine Americans copy Macgyver copy Evolution to BBQ copy Everything free copy

Hedgehogs copy

Rockey Again? copy

And finally, just like Congress, back to the regular order:

Hot 17 copy


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