The Week in Pictures: Charlie Hebdo Edition

There is something obviously wrong with all of the “brave” cartoonists doing “pen is mightier than the sword” images.  Yes, ideas rule over the long term, but in the short term bullets can cancel ballots, and end cartoonists, too.  The idea of free expression depends on it being used for what the cultural left calls “transgressive” purposes.  So how about some “transgressive” images directed at “the Prophet”? We’ll go there.

Charlie Hebdo 3 copy

Charlie Hebdo 1 copy

Charlie Hebdo2 copy

New Art Critic copy

Mohammed Miss Potato Sack copy

Mohammed judges the “Miss Potato Sack” pageant.

CNN Lies copy War Over copy

Workplave Violence copy

As Mark Steyn likes to say, “Allahu Akbar” means “nothing to see here” for Western elites.

The Silencer copy

Kill Yourself First copy Non Cartoon copy

Contrasts copy

Clinton Enquirer copy

President Pantsuit?

President Pantsuit?

GOP Must Compromise copy Christie Hugs copy Liberalism copy

Gore Glaciers copy

OCDChopping Board  copy Scary Cookie Roller copy Ninja Bread Men copy Crouching Tiger, Bacon copy We Have Bacon copy

Cooking Shows copy

Autism causes copy Fire Extinguishers copy Feminist Picnic copy TSA Tin Man copy Vader Airport copy

And finally, as befits this week’s main theme, a double helping of the lady warriors of the IDF, who know what to do:

IDF Chicks 5 copy IDF Chicks 6 copy


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