The Week in Pictures: Happy New Year Edition

I’ve already broken my new year’s resolution, which was to pay less attention to how much Obama annoys me.  And he’s still on vacation.  Anyway, here’s to 2015.  And, Go Ducks!  Any team with uniforms that awful has to be supported.  I mean, are they kidding?

GOP New year copyNew years Res copy

Gym in December copy

Winter copy

Zero Mile Run copy

Obama Pee Wee copy Obama's Media copy Obama Media 2 copy Gutfeld on Obama copy Beavis copy

State Dept Hypocrisy copy Hollywood script copy Dynasty copy

New Jeb copy

New Republic Swept AWay copy

Chicken and egg

Germans Light Bulb copy

Wine Time copy

Glockamole dip?

Glockamole dip?

Craft Beer copy

Oregon Stop copy Jets Quarterback copy

And finally. . .

Hot Angie copy


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