You Knew This Was Coming [With Comments by John]

Oh what the heck, we might as well hit for the cycle today.

Headline in the Puffington Host this afternoon:

Is Climate Change To Blame for the Northeast Snow Storm?

You can guess the answer: Of course it is, you ninny, because climate change does everything, remember.  I’m sure the connection between climate change and the New England Patriots’ under-inflated footballs is mere moments away.

JOHN adds: The key point here, of course, is that the warmists’ models didn’t predict that global warming would cause more snow. Rather, the models told us that snow would soon be a thing of the past. Thus, we had this wonderful article in the New York Times, “The End of Snow?” And that wasn’t ancient history: the article appeared just one year ago.

The IPCC, the United Nations’ pro-global warming lobbying group, declared unequivocally in 2001 that warming would mean fewer heavy snowfalls. This is a screen shot from the IPCC’s 2001 report, courtesy of Climate Depot:

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.25.05 PM

Only it turned out that–heh–the current decade is the worst ever recorded for major impact snowstorms on the East Coast, with 14, even though it is only half over. So now the alarmists are changing their tune, and blaming snowstorms on global warming. (The same thing is going on in Germany.) This is a perfect illustration of why global warming alarmism is not science. If you are doing science, you come up with a theory and you identify implications of that theory–if the theory is correct, then what facts will be observable? If those facts are not observed, the theory has been proved wrong. When no state of affairs can ever be deemed inconsistent with a theory, then the theory is not a scientific theory at all, but rather a religious or spiritual belief. Or possibly just a hoax.