Cuban Democracy Advocate Viciously Beaten By Castro’s Thugs

Many people are happy that the Obama administration is trying to normalize relations with Cuba’s Communist dictatorship. They are the same people, or descendants of the same people, who idolized “Uncle Joe” Stalin. There is only one kind of Communist dictatorship, and it isn’t pretty. This is the kind of story that you will never see in the cheerleader media: Dissident savagely attacked by Castro thugs:

Smashing someone’s skull with a metal pipe is tantamount to attempted murder.

(If you’ve ever sustained severe head trauma, you know why, exactly.)

This is what Castro goons did to one brave Cuban today.

The eighteen stitches on his scalp are nothing compared to what is going on in his brain right now, and the challenges he faces in the months and years ahead.


Police also attacked and arrested those who complained about this incident, and about the intentionally delayed medical response to the victim’s serious injuries.

It took four hours for an ambulance to show up.

This type of incident is what the current occupant of the White House must have meant when he spoke of “empowering the Cuban people.”

Yeah. He meant it. Seriously. You just have to realize that when he spoke of the “Cuban people” he was referring only to the Castro dynasty and its agents.

Injuries courtesy of the Castro brothers

Injuries courtesy of the Castro brothers

More, from Capitol Hill Cubans:

Cuban democracy activist, Rolando Diaz Silva, was viciously attacked with a metal pipe inside his home.

The attack has been attributed to tactics by Castro’s security forces that seek to intimidate lesser-known dissidents and dissuade them from joining opposition groups.

After being beaten nearly to death, it took over four hours for an ambulance to arrive at Diaz Silva’s home.

A group of six dissidents who protested the lack of medical attention were subsequently beaten and arrested by the authorities.

This can happen when everyone’s medical care depends on the government. The Castro brothers, having impoverished just about everyone in Cuba other than themselves, and having deprived all Cubans of the most elementary freedoms, can retain their grasp on power only through the crudest and most brutal methods. Just like all Communist dictators. This is a blindingly obvious fact that for some reason seems obscure to most of our political and pundit class.