Don’t Let the Government Take Over the Internet

The Obama administration is proposing a federal takeover of the internet. The details are murky since the administration’s proposed regulations weigh in at over 300 pages, but the idea is for the federal government to assert comprehensive regulatory control over the internet, as though it were a utility. Given how the Obama administration has distorted the mission of one federal agency after another to make the agencies tools of the Democratic Party, it is hard to see why anyone–other than a diehard Dem, perhaps–would want to see a federal takeover of the internet.

Steve wrote here about a group called Protect Internet Freedom, and posted one of that group’s videos on the “net neutrality” issue. Here is a second video from Protect Internet Freedom, titled “Department of the Internet Helpline.” Like the first one, it is funny and and does a good job of highlighting, in an entertaining way, the perils of government control: