In Washington, Sessions Holds the Bridge Against Liberal Onslaught

One of ancient Rome’s great heroes was Horatius, who saved the city by holding a bridge, along with two friends, against an invading Etruscan army. In the end Horatius stood alone against the attackers, as Roman soldiers behind him destroyed the bridge to prevent the Etruscans from crossing.


Senator Jeff Sessions reminds me of Horatius. For years, he has stood athwart the ambitious liberalism of those who want to fundamentally transform America, to her detriment. Not always successful but never yielding, he has tirelessly fought to restore fiscal sanity to Washington and to reverse suicidal immigration policies, while standing up at all times for the American worker.

This morning Barack Obama’s Budget Director, Shaun Donovan, testified before the Senate Budget Committee on the president’s FY 2016 budget, supposedly intended to restore the fortunes of America’s middle class. Sessions begins by pointing out that it is the administration’s policies that have devastated the middle class. He goes on to ask Donovan whether the budget does or does not break the discretionary caps that Republicans and Democrats agreed to in the Budget Control Act. First the clip, then some additional comments:

There is no doubt about the fact that the budget includes higher levels of discretionary spending then allowed by the Budget Control Act, yet Donovan couldn’t bring himself to give the question a straight answer.

The culture clash that fuels much of our politics is starkly revealed in this exchange. It is traditional America versus the New Class: Sessions, the plain-spoken Alabaman, versus the smooth-talking, well-coifed bureaucrat Donovan, whose first and last impulse is to lay down a cloud of bullshit. The New Class continues to advance, but Sessions is doing everything he can to hold the ravenous horde at bay. He needs all the help he can get.


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