John Boehner Challenges Senate Democrats To Do Their Jobs

He actually put it a bit more profanely than that. But first, the context: as I noted yesterday, the House has passed a bill that fully funds the Department of Homeland Security, except for implementation of President Obama’s illegal executive orders on immigration. Mitch McConnell has brought the House measure to the Senate floor three times, but each time it has been filibustered by the Democrats. Now McConnell seems to be waffling, as his most recent comments–“the next move obviously is up to the House”–suggest that he wants the House to pass a new funding bill that would include implementation of the president’s amnesty, thereby throwing in the towel.

Happily, John Boehner is having none of it. He delivered this pugnacious statement early this morning:

Mitch McConnell has a winning hand on all fronts: if the House passes funding for DHS and Republicans try to move the bill in the Senate, but it is stalled by a Democratic filibuster, it is inconceivable that anyone but the Democrats will be blamed for whatever chaos may result at DHS. Moreover, the GOP is on the right side of the issue politically, as Obama’s executive amnesty is highly unpopular. So McConnell should continue trying to pass the House bill; he should be in front of the cameras denouncing the Democrats for imperiling DHS funding; and Republicans should be organizing a PR campaign in support of their position. Boehner is striking the right attitude, and McConnell should follow suit.


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