On the Bright Side, We’ll Only be $20 Trillion In Debt

Americans everywhere are counting down to the end of the Obama presidency. The damage he has wreaked is beyond calculation. He has hobbled our economy, trashed the Constitution, eroded trust in government, politicized one federal agency after another, poisoned relations among the races, stifled opportunity for poorer Americans, weakened our armed forces, conducted a perverse foreign policy, made the U.S. a laughingstock abroad…the list goes on and on. And we have almost two years yet to go!

At one time the idea of being $20 trillion in debt would have been unthinkable. If one had thought of it, one would have assumed that such a fiscal catastrophe would rank first among the nation’s worries. In fact, the Obama administration has been such a fiasco that he has turned the United States into the Brokest Nation In History® almost as an afterthought. But such profligacy should not be forgotten. Michael Ramirez notes Obama’s parting gift to America’s youth, whose futures he has blighted in so many ways. Click to enlarge: