Power Line on the Road: The East Coast Tour

Since Scott has mentioned his upcoming lecture about “Rathergate Ten Years Later” at Lyon College on Thursday, I may as well post up my speaking schedule this week, for the benefit of any Pittsburgh or Syracuse-based readers who need something to kill time between the Super Bowl and the start of Spring training.

Tuesday I’ll be at Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh, speaking at noon on “The Climategate Debate: The Other Side of Global Climate Change.”  Click on the link for further details and room number, etc.  The event is open to the public and will only be an hour long, bit will feature a response—which may turn into a debate—with a professor from the environmental studies department.

Then next Friday I’ll be in Syracuse for a daylong program sponsored by SUNY’s School of Environment and Forestry on the topic of “Depolarizing The Environment: Thinking Broadly About Science, Policy and Politics.”  I suspect there will be a fair bit of polarizing going on, but what the heck.  This event is also open to the public but you need to register for this event if you want to come.  All the information is at the link.

Posts here may be a bit sporadic since I’ll be on the road and coping with airplane hell, but I’ll try to check in.


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