The Week in Pictures: Media Rending of Garments Edition

So which is the worst news of the week if you are a denizen of the liberal media: Brian Williams getting the slow-motion sack, or Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show?  We’re not done smacking Williams around since more and more tall tales are emerging, and of course we’re never done smacking Obama around.

NBC Armed copy

Williams Daily Show 2 copy Williams Dauily Show copy Williams over Obama copy Williams Rat Pack copy Williams Star Trek copy

Ready for Warren copy

Oops, wrong Warren I think.

Kanye copy Shades of Jeb copy Defeat ISIS copy Restart war copy Obama Golf Cap copy

I think this fellow flunked his price theory class:

Price Theory copy

Wait–can the BBC really identify someone this way:

BBC Lesbian copy

Fatman copy

Batman’s high-carb diet obviously didn’t work out so well.

Beethovan Ninth copy Pig Power copy

Starbucks3 copy Dead Mouse copy

And finally. . .

Hot 20C copy


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