Why Computer Models Can’t Predict the Earth’s Future Climate

We know for sure that the computer models relied on by climate alarmists are wrong, since they have been refuted by experience. In the video below, Dr. Christopher Essex, chairman of the Permanent Monitoring Panel on Climate for the World Federation of Scientists, explains why the limitations of computers, in the context of a complex, chaotic system like the Earth’s climate, are inherent and can never be overcome, at least not until some fundamental scientific puzzles are solved.

Dr. Essex’s lecture, which was delivered just a few days ago, is a little over an hour long. That sounds forbidding, but I, at least, couldn’t stop watching it. The first 20 minutes are devoted to pointing out how silly much of the current conversation on climate, carbon, and so on is. After that comes the scientific heart of the lecture. Enjoy!


Via Watts Up With That?.


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