Because Nothing Says “Fun” Like Hillary Clinton

Satire is nearly impossible with stories like this, from ABC News:

Why Hillary Clinton Thinks America Has a “Fun Deficit”

“There’s a huge fun deficit in America,” Clinton said during remarks at the American Camp Association conference in Atlantic City. “We really need camps for adults.”

With a wink and a nudge to Congress, Clinton made the case that if more adults — and perhaps politicians — had more fun, more people would get along.

“The red cabin and the blue cabin have to come together and actually listen to each other,” Clinton joked to the crowd of roughly 3,000 summer camp professionals.

Well, her husband certainly knew how to have fun in the White House. Hillary—not so much.

It’s even worse than you thought. There’s actual video (55 seconds long):

A true case study in presence and charisma.

But “We really need camps for adults”?? We should be grateful to Madam Hillary for speaking aloud what we know so many liberals privately think, and we can guess who she’d most like to see sent to camps.

Incidentally, I saw one news report that noted the American Camp Association is a relatively modest organization, with an annual budget of about $2 million. So the group spent about 10 percent of if total annual budget for Mrs. Clinton’s speech fee. How much would you like to bet that a Hillary Administration will propose new tax breaks or subventions for camps?

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