Bill Kristol defends the Cotton letter

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol appeared on C-SPAN yesterday morning to talk about his mordant editorial “The party of the furrowed brow” and to take calls from viewers. C-SPAN host Paul Orgel began by asking Bill to explicate the editorial.

As it turned out, Bill talked more than anything else about the letter that Senator Cotton drafted to explain relevant American constitutional principles to the Supreme Leader and his minions. Tom Cotton can’t say that to the Supreme Leader, can he? Bill thinks he can and should. I enjoyed this tremendously and thought that readers who continue to think about the issues might as well.

Missing Quotable Quote: I wasn’t taking notes as I watched this yesterday, and so wasn’t able to take down Bill’s quotable quote on the left’s McCarthyite mania to shut up the opposition. I would add it here if I had it. The video is worth watching for Bill’s articulation of this point alone (and I think it occurs early on in the interview).