Civil War on the Left, Part 17 [With note by Paul]

In an earlier installment of this series (Part 13), I mentioned how the identity politics mandate of the Democratic Party was causing friction in California, where Hispanics were loudly complaining against the presumptive anointment of Kamala Harris to be the successor of Barbara Boxer.

Looks like the same fight is shaping up in Maryland, where the Democratic Party establishment’s attempt to clear the field for Rep. Chris Van Hollen to succeed retiring Sen. Barbara Mikulski is provoking resentment from black Democrats, who think it ought to be their turn. Politico reports today:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s endorsement of Rep. Chris Van Hollen in the Maryland Senate race last week was a sign that national Democrats hope to clear the field for Van Hollen, a seven-term congressman from Montgomery County who’s held posts in party leadership.

But it’s not likely to work — and Maryland could be the next example of the simmering divide between the Democratic establishment and the liberals who would rather see Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the 2016 ticket than Hillary Clinton.

Progressive allies are increasingly convinced that Rep. Donna Edwards is about to enter the contest to succeed Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) . . .

As I say, stock up on popcorn.

PAUL ADDS: It’s worse than Politico wants to admit. Major Democratic donor Steve Phillips, the founder of a “progressive” PAC and an African-American, said this about Reid’s endorsement of Van Hollen:

For Harry Reid to come out and endorse Van Hollen is insulting period. But to do it on the anniversary of the Selma 50th anniversary — to make an endorsement that would make the Senate less diverse — is outrageous and insulting.

Reid has insulted Blacks before. But endorsing Van Hollen, an important and capable member of the House Democratic leadership, is not an insult to any rational person of any skin color. And since when does a political endorsement become an outrage by virtue of coinciding with the anniversary of a civil rights march? Playing the race card is one thing. Pulling it out of one’s rear end is another.

Popcorn will suffice for me. Rational Democrats will need something stronger.


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