Democratic Party Hypocrisy: Blast from the Past

From the Daily Oklahoman, Sept. 26, 1991:

FORMER Reagan administration officials were stunned when, as revealed in the New York Times on Sept. 15, their mid-1980s monitoring stumbled across “Democrats or staff members of Democrats” directly advising the communist Sandinistas of Nicaragua on political tactics, including how to defeat U.S. aid to the anti-communist resistance, the “Contras. ” Although President Reagan’s people decided not to seek prosecution of the House Democrats, the issue has reached public view in the wake of a Sept. 15 New York Times story. Now, in a letter to House Speaker Tom Foley, D-Washington, four Republicans in Congress – Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma City, Bill McCollum of Florida, Vin Weber of Minnesota and Gerald Solomon of New York – have called “for a special investigation into possible misconduct by congressional opponents of the U.S. effort to fund pro-democracy forces in Nicaragua. ” In the words of a recent press release, the Edwards group wants to know if members of Congress or staffers “violated either House rules or laws which prohibit U.S. citizens from dealing directly with foreign governments on controversial issues under consideration by the U.S. government. In addition, the congressmen asked Speaker Foley to investigate whether or not classified information was revealed to Sandinista leaders by congressional opponents of this country’s Nicaragua policy. ” Where’s the rub? You can say the CIA operation which unearthed the questionable dealings between Democrats and Sandinistas was designed to intimidate members of Congress. Or, you can say it monitored the communications of a communist government a few hundred miles south of Texas, incidentally unearthing potentially treasonous activities by Democrats in Congress, activities never fully investigated.

Finally, observe that Democrats in Congress are the rascals who put Rep. Ron Dellums, D-Calif., on the House Intelligence Committee. Dellums – an open sympathizer of the deposed Marxist dictatorship of Grenada and of Cuba’s communist thug boss, Fidel Castro – now has regular access to sensitive national security information.


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