Hillary’s Presidential Hopes, Deleted

In my opinion, the current email controversy represents a death knell for Hillary Clinton’s presidential hopes. Not because her crude deception is decisive in itself–although in some voters’ minds, it may be–but because it reminds us of what a lousy, unlikable, not-very-competent candidate she is. Hillary was inevitable in 2008. The stars couldn’t have been better aligned. But she couldn’t close the deal–even with Democrats!–because the truth is, she isn’t much of a politician. We never would have heard of her, but for the fact that she married Bill.

Michael Ramirez depicts the steady deletion of Hillary’s presidential campaign. Click to enlarge:


Politically, Hillary is a dead woman walking. The chief question now is whether the Democrats can ease her out of the race, or coalesce behind someone else in time to make the 2016 presidential race competitive. But who? Aye, there’s the rub!

I am on MoveOn.org’s email list, which means that they count me as a member when they try to convince people that they are a powerful grass roots movement. A few weeks ago I got an email saying that there would be a big pro-Elizabeth Warren demonstration in the Minneapolis skyways a few days hence. I forgot all about it, but then, sure enough, I was going to lunch in a skyway when I encountered a pathetic little band of six or seven MoveOn.org members. They had one or two small Elizabeth Warren signs and I think they were trying to hand out leaflets. I doubt that one person in 50 had any idea who Elizabeth Warren is, or cared.

Then there’s what’s-his-name O’Malley. If one American in a hundred could pick him out of a lineup, I would be surprised. All of which means that it is tough to be a Democrat these days.


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