Khameni goes Democrat on the letter

Is Islamic Republic of Iran Supreme Leader Khameni a “hard-liner” in the eyes of Barack Obama, or one of the good guys at the top of the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism? I’m not clear on that. Maybe some inquiring reporter can take a run at getting an answer from Josh Earnest at a White House press briefing this week.

The AP reports that Ayatollah Khameni has now commented on the letter drafted by Senator Cotton and signed by 46 of his Republican Senate colleagues. Iran’s official FARS News Agency also carries an account posted here. Khameni sounds like a member of the Democratic chorus:

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the letter a sign of “the collapse of political ethics and the U.S. system’s internal disintegration,” according to the official IRNA news agency. It was the first reaction to the letter by Khamenei, who has the final say over all major policies.

The AP story suggests that the basic (American) constitutional principles spelled out in the letter comes as news to Khameni, and that he’s not a very close reader:

Khamenei said states typically remain loyal to their commitments even if governments change, ” but American senators officially announced the commitment will be null and void after this government leaves office. Isn’t this the ultimate degree of the collapse of political ethics and the U.S. system’s internal disintegration?”

Those who are upset that the letter might derail the deal in process can take comfort in the Supreme Leader’s understanding:

Khamenei said that whenever the talks approach a deadline, “the tone of the other party, particularly the Americans, becomes harsher, harder and more violent. This is part of their tricks and deceits.”

However, he said, “Iranian officials know what they are doing.”

That should make the Democrats feel a whole lot better, if you know what I mean.


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