Let’s Talk About Race!

Remember when Eric Holder said that Americans are cowards about race, and we should have an honest conversation? Heh. Seems like a lifetime ago. Now it’s Starbucks, announcing that its baristas will try to engage coffee customers in deep conversations about race relations.

Many have commented on the stupidity of Starbucks’ “#RaceTogether” campaign, and I don’t have much to add. In my experience, getting coffee at Starbucks is an exercise in efficiency: I need caffeine, Starbucks needs money. The exchange is transacted quickly. I can’t really imagine trying to talk with the barista about race, or anything else, while those behind me in line look on tolerantly. Since, of course, they are in no hurry.

Michael Ramirez comments on the Starbucks controversy, rather sardonically:


My final observation is one that has been made by many others, but bears repeating: the last thing any liberal wants is an honest conversation about race. Wherever they are in control–in government, in academia, in big business, in the media–they take great care to make sure that no honest conversation takes place.