Meet Rich Weinstein

The legality of the mechanics of Obamacare as implemented comes before the Supreme Court for oral argument this week in King v. Burwell. The issue is one of statutory construction about as difficult (i.e.., not) as the one that came before the Court in United Steelworkers of America v. Weber. The Court got it laughably wrong in Weber. The case is important as a demonstration of how easy it is do. Who cares about the meaning of words when one can invoke the spirit as a triumph of the will? Weber shows how easily the Supreme Court can defy the plain meaning of a statute, and how it can be be done again.

In the timely video below Sharyl Attkisson interviews Rich Weinstein. Who, you might well ask, is Rich Weinstein? Attkisson explains:

Rich Weinstein is the single person considered most responsible for exposing one of the biggest blows to the Affordable Care Act’s image: a series of videos in which a key Obamacare architect discusses the “stupidity of the American people” and how that helped get the bill passed.

Ah, that Rich Weinstein. “Now,” Attkisson adds, “Weinstein is speaking on camera for the first time in an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal.” This is good.

Via Sharyl Attkisson/Daily Signal.


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