Netanyahu’s moment, part 4

Obama national security adviser Susan Rice spoke at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington this evening. In the video below, Rice frankly avows the Obama administration’s support for Iran’s “domestic enrichment capacity” and pursuit of “peaceful nuclear energy.”

We are advised that we have to define deviancy down in the name of realism: “We cannot let a totally unachievable ideal stand in the way of a good deal.” Translation: Unfortunately: “a good deal” looms on the horizon. It promises peace for our time.

The sardonic response of the AIPAC crowd to Rice’s articulation of the rejected alternatives seems to me more in tune with the mood of the American people than the double talk of Ms. Rice, but we are in very bad hands. Rice’s speech sets the stage for Netanyahu’s appearance before Congress tomorrow morning, to be carried live on C-SPAN 2 and FOX News Channel.

Obama’s opposition to Iran’s nuclear program has a lot in common with Obama’s opposition to gay marriage. It is so yesterday, and yesterday it was so phony.

Via Brendan Bordelon/NR.


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