Sen. Cotton responds

Senator Cotton appeared last night on FNC’s Kelly File to defend the letter he drafted to the mullahs on Obama’s deal in process with Iran. Senator Cotton recruited 46 of his Republican colleagues to sign on. An updated PDF of the open letter to the Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran is posted here.

The letter sets forth the applicable constitutional principles that would apply to any such deal. The Democrats have not taken it well, but no one has taken issue with the accuracy of any statement in the letter.

Megyn Kelly grilled Senator Cotton on the Democrats’ talking points on the letter. I think it’s fair to say that Senator Coton more than held his own (video below).

Kelly picked up the attack on Senator Cotton tweeted by Rep. Jared Polis yesterday. Dutifully taking his cue from President Obama and others, Polis disparaged Senator Cotton as “Tehran Tom.” I can only conclude that President Obama, Madam Hillary et al., Rep. Polis and his masters can and will say anything in a bad cause — anything, no matter how stupid or contemptible.

Quotable quote: “A few rhetorical bullets fired in a political debate don’t really trouble me too much.”


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